The Apple Media player for MOV files


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The multimedia player developed by Apple is called QuickTime, and it's the application you need when you want to play MOV and QT files.

There are lots and lots of websites which feature contents based on this format, so this multimedia player will be really useful.

As you know, Apple is known by the high quality of its products and their attractive look. QuickTime offers you a video quality higher than the offered by other multimedia players and it is offered thanks to the codec H.264, a video standard which gains space and more quality.

QuickTime 7 Player automatically determines your system's connection speed and chooses the highest quality stream for your bandwidth.

Not only does QuickTime offer good video quality but it also offer up to 24 channels of surround sounds.

A new look for this latest version, you'll like it and it doesn't consume a lot of resources so you won't need a powerful computer to use it.
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